Gift Cards

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Project Brief

Though not a customer-facing brand, Metropolitan Pub Company wanted to launch a gift card that could be rolled out across all their pubs and wouldn’t make it look like they were part of a chain. The need for gift cards was identified when managers began receiving requests for vouchers from customers and were producing their own paper vouchers that were untraceable. We wanted to produce a non-branded card that could be purchased in-pub and via a white labelled website that we could redirect customers to from the pub websites, where they could then purchase an e-gift card to be received via email or SMS.


Brand Strategy
Email Marketing
Social Media


We designed a dark and a light version of the gift card that customers could choose from, using the Metropolitan Pub Company colour palette and fonts.


Working with the Great British Pub card, we had a white labelled website created that we could direct customers to from the pub websites, social media channels and marketing mail outs. Customers were given the option of receiving the e-voucher via an email or a SMS. We decided against selling physical cards online to avoid the negative environmental impacts of posting and the complications arising from a delivery system.


Since launching, we have run two online campaigns for the gift cards, Black Friday Week and Christmas Gift. As a result, Metropolitan Pub Company saw the highest spend per head in gift card sales as compared with other Greene King brands.

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