The Social Spaces Migration

Making the jump from WordPress to Webflow

Project Brief

Moving to Webflow, a no-code platform, gave me the flexibility to spend more time on UX and UI and less time endlessly tweaking code. There have been many iterations of but, by moving it to Webflow, I am now able to treat my portfolio more seriously and have created a central place to promote the work and photography that I have done and share it out to my social channels.


User Experience
Web Development


I had been using WordPress for most of my projects but, being a more visual person, I wanted to spend more time on UX and UI than working on code. Having looked at many options for a no-code platform, I decided that Webflow offered more creative control, without having to worry about the code, and dramatically decreased time spent in development. Webflow provides free SSL certificates, the platform is constantly being updated, improved and bug-fixed, and it is hosted on blazing fast Amazon servers.


I wanted a portfolio to which I could add the projects I have worked on, demonstrating the skills I can offer, and that could act as an online curriculum vitae.

Photography Journal

Though only recently introduced to photography, my passion for it has grown exponentially and I was keen to have a place other than Instagram to display images in a larger format. I was keen to include a blog but, as a sufferer of dyslexia, I struggle with copywriting so created a photography journal where copy was minimal and let the photographs speak for themselves.