Pub Menus

Menu process, from concept to launch

Project Brief

Menus are an important tool Metropolitan Pub Company uses to drive food sales, but their creation and development was being left for the pub managers to tackle. We overhauled the menu process, from concept to launch, and brought all design and copyediting into central operations.


User Experience


The existing process, whereby pub managers created their own menus in-house, saw incredibly varied results, the worst of which included poorly designed layouts, extra and missing content and spelling and grammatical errors. The menus did not match the premium standard the rest of the business was meeting. We decided to take over the process and to produce print files of all menus for all 60+ pubs that they could access and print in-house.


We would attend a series of cook-offs, organised by the food team, to photograph new menu dishes to use for Order & Pay, marketing materials and Deliveroo.

Streamline Process

Designing bespoke menus each season cycle for all the pubs became very labour-intensive and, by the time menus were created, updated with corrections, proofed for errors and made accessible to the pubs, we would begin the process all over again for the next menu cycle. With the introduction of three internal brand concepts, we developed three menu templates and rolled them out across the pub estate. Metropolitan Pub Company logo was then added to all menus to begin raising the company’s brand awareness.